Our Services

  1. Complete companion and exotic animal medicine – diagnosis, treatment and preventive care
  2. Companion animal surgery, including critical Orthopedic, Ophthalmic surgeries – Equipped with state-of-the-art tools such as Electrosurgical and Cauterize machine, ECG Monitoring and vice versa.
  3. 24-hour emergency service
  4. Dentistry – teeth scaling and dental treatment aided by cutting edge tools. In addition, Pet Vet is the only veterinary clinic in Colombo that offers rabbit teeth scaling
  5. Advice on reproduction and breeding
  6. Advice and training to address animal behavioural problems , ensuring that your pet is a well-adjusted, happy and co-operative member of your family
  7. Puppy/Kitten care and preventive health care – Advising new pet owners and offering guidance to give you and your pet a head start
  8. Pet Socialization and Training classes
    1. Puppy Socialization and Training classes
    2. Adult training classes on request
    3. Kitten training and socialization sessions to be commenced
  9. Senior animal care
  10. Individual and complete medical records of each patient– This gives us an on-going record of your pet’s medical history. This ensures continuity of treatment by veterinarians and allows us to monitor progress and identify chronic conditions, etc.
  11. International pet transport
    1. Advice on re-location to all countries and requirements
    2. Veterinary health certificates
    3. Micro chipping
    4. Rabies serology testing (via accredited labs UK – BioBest and APHA, USA – DoD Laboratory)
    5. Total Pet Travel solutions inclusive of Crate, courier and Door-to-door pickup
  12. Laboratory services – to ensure more accurate diagnosis
  13. In house pharmacy to give you the ultimate in – convenience and accessibility
  14. Pet food and supplies are available for your convenience
  15. Nutritional advice
  16. House call service
  17. Grooming and bathing services
  18. Referral service– to Peradeniya University Teaching Hospital or other qualified veterinarians, both in Sri Lanka and other countries (via the internet or e-mail) in situations where we do not have the equipment or expertise to give your pet the best possible attention.
  19. Post-mortem services