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Dr. Dayani Siriwardana

Dr. Dayani joined Pet Vet as a trainee student while studying at the University of Peradeniya in 1998. She completed her internships at PET Vet and at the Teaching Hospital at the university in 2001. She joined Pet Vet Clinic as an employee in 2001 after completion of the degree.
She joined the post-tsunami WSPA/BPT joint project in 2005 to train the veterinarians in surgery and worked for 2 years at the post tsunami rabies control project in the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. She has also participated in several international conferences in Thailand and India. Dr Dayani’s publications in clinical medicine and surgery for the Sri Lankan Veterinary Association (SLVA) have been widely lauded. She joined the Pet Vet Board in 2006.

Dr. Dayani is a member of the Society of Companion Animal Practitioners of Sri Lanka (SCAP) Sri Lanka Veterinary Council (SLVC) and SLVA. Dr Dayani has completed the distance learning Pre Masters international certificate in Small Animal Practice in 2011 and the Masters in small animal medicine and surgery in 2013 at Murdoch University Australia. She has under gone residential clinical training at Murdoch University in 2011 and the animal recovery center in Singapore in 2007.

Her main interests include animal welfare, surgery and quality work. She hopes to work towards improving the overall quality of animal medicine and welfare in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Dynethra Subasingha

Pets at home were an important part of Dr Dynethra’s life. With her childhood spent on raising pets and rescuing animals with her sister in Negombo, she was profoundly influenced on becoming a veterinarian. She joined the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science of the University of Peradeniya after school to pursue a degree in Veterinarian medicine. After graduating, she joined the faculty as a temporary lecturer.

She left the country to pursue further studies thereafter. She holds an MSc in Environmental Toxicology and Management and subsequently a PhD from Cambridge, UK in 2011. She is a member at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr Dynethra very much believes in continuing education of veterinarians and improving standards in veterinary medical care in Sri Lanka. She joined the BPT and Pet vet Clinic after returning to Sri Lanka.

She has worked in the Blue Paw Trust South Coast – Tsunami Rabies Control project. She believes in the importance of responsible pet ownership and improving animal welfare. She enjoys her work at Pet vet Clinic and is looking forward to a future where pet owners take more responsibility for their pets and a rabies-free Sri Lanka. She co-ordinates education programs run by Blue Paw Trust, Dog managed zones and veterinary training conducted for foreign veterinary students. She is also involved in corporate fundraising for the BPT. She practices veterinary medicine and surgery at BPT and Pet Vet Clinic.

Dr. Umasha Hemachandra

Dr. Umasha started her primary education at Colombo’s renowned Vishaka Vidyalaya. She entered the faculty of veterinary medicine at Peradeniya in 2000 and graduated as a qualified veterinary surgeon in 2006.
She joined Pet Vet Clinic, the leading multi doctor veterinary practice in Sri Lanka after her graduation in 2006. She completed her internship training at the National Zoological Garden in Dehiwela, and Ceylon Grain Elevators (Prima) Mattakuliya.

Her main focus is on the treatments of companion animals as that is her passion. She has been a member of the Society of Companion Animal Practitioners (SCAP) from the beginning of her career. Currently she serves as the Honorary Secretary of SCAP. She is a fervent believer that professionals should continuously upgrade their knowledge. She has attended Vet workshops in India and Thailand in her pursuit of cutting edge veterinarian studies.

She has a lot of interest in research concerning new treatment protocols in companion animal veterinary practice. She is an author of five publications for the SLVA with her 1st publication chosen as the best clinical paper of 2010.

Dr. Umasha’s focus is on anaesthesia, dermatology and veterinary diagnostic radiology.

Dr. Chandika Wickramasingha

Dr. Chandika graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 2007. After graduation, he was selected as a Temporary Lecturer at the Faculty Teaching Hospital, where he worked for a period of 15 months as a resident clinician. His interest in veterinary community medicine led him to read for a Masters degree in disaster Management with an emphasis on veterinary disasters, which he completed in 2010. Upon completion of his internship training, he joined Pet Vet Clinic in 2009 where he has been working in the capacity of a companion animal clinician.

His main interests are cardiology, dentistry and internal medicine. He has participated in a three-day cardiology workshop conducted by the Madras Veterinary College in India in 2012. Moreover, he has completed a residential clinical training in Malaysia in 2015 of which the main emphasis was cardiology. He has also attended the world conferences conducted annually by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) in South Africa in 2014 and Thailand in 2015, through which he was able to update his clinical knowledge.

He is a member of the Society of Companion Animal Practitioners (SCAP) of Sri Lanka. Through this, he was able to participate in several seminars and workshops on companion animal medicine and surgery, some of which were conducted by world renowned veterinarians. Further, up to date he has published findings of his clinical research by way of several abstract publications in the Supplements to the Sri Lanka Veterinary Journal. Incidentally, two of these have been selected as the best clinical papers of the respective years.

Dr. Vanathi Thushyanthan

Dr. Vanathy graduated from the University of Peradeniya in 2012. She completed her internship at the National Zoological Gardens in Dehiwala and the Government Veterinary Hospital in Vavuniya. She joined Pet Vet Clinic as a Companion Animal Clinician in 2013 on completion of her internship training.
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She has participated in several international seminars and workshops on companion animal medicine and surgery, and also wild animal medicine and surgery.
Dr. Vanathy is a member of the Society of Companion Animal Practitioners (SCAP) of Sri Lanka.

Her special interests include the control of infectious diseases, clinical pharmacology and veterinary diagnostic imaging. She is an active, optimistic and hard-working individual, who believes that bringing together new ideas through teamwork can lead to great achievements.

Dr. Nuwan Laknath

Dr. LaknathDr.Laknath graduated from the University Of Peradeniya in 2013. After completion of final BVSc, he joined with faculty as Research Assistant to the Wild-Life Human Health Net Project (IDRC-Canada- Sri Lanka Wild-Life Health Center).
He completed his internship at the Government Veterinary Hospital, Gatambe and Government Veterinary Surgeon’s Office – Weligama, Matara. After completion of his internship, he joined with Pet Vet clinic in 2014 as a companion animal clinician.

He completed his CCHRM qualification at IPM (Institute of Personnel Management,Colombo)in 2015. Dr.Laknath is a member of Society of Companion Animal Practitioners (SCAP) of Sri Lanka.

He has participated in several seminars and workshops on Companion animal medicine and surgery. His special interests include surgery, diagnostic imaging and clinical pharmacology.

Dr. Thilini Kumarasinghe

dr.ThiliniDr. Thilini Kumarasinghe completed her veterinary medicine degree in 2014 from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. After graduation she directly joined with Pet Vet Team as a companion animal practitioner.
Her main interests include Veterinary Public Health, Microbiology and Internal medicine. She completed her internship at the Veterinary Department of the Colombo Municipal Council and National Zoological Garden, Dehiwala. Apart from that she is a member of the Society of Companion Animal Practitioners (SCAP) of Sri Lanka.

Dr Maheeka Seneviratne

dr-maheekaDr. Maheeka graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2014. After spending her first year as a new graduate working at Pet Vet, she returned to the UK to complete a rotating internship in Small Animal Clinical studies at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. The internship provided her with more exposure to specialist veterinary practice and furthered her interest in specializing in Small Animal Surgery. Maheeka returned to work at Pet Vet in 2016 and continues to develop her interest in surgery. She has completed the AOvet Principles course in Small Animal Orthopedic surgery as well as attending the European College of Small Animal Surgeons congress in Lisbon in 2016. Maheeka is an ardent dog lover and enjoys first puppy consults, talking to owners regarding the health and training of their new pets. She owns two Labradors who take up most of her spare time!

Maheeka’s current interests include all aspects of Small Animal Surgery with a special focus on reconstructive techniques in wound management.

Rasha Yusuf (Veterinary Care Assistant)Rasha-Vet Nurse

Rasha Yusuf grew up with the Pet Vet culture from the time she was 13 as a volunteer and is now full time Veterinary Care Assistant for the past 5 years.
She achieved her qualification of an accredited veterinary care assistant whilst working at Pet Vet with the help of all the doctors and other staff members. She is an ardent animal lover from the scaly, fury feathery and everything in between.
She received her qualification from “The College of Animal Welfare UK” as a fully fledged Veterinary Care Assistant.

  • Dr. Ganga Wijesinghe
  • Dr. Champa Ranasinghe


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    • Accountant: Shirani Mendis
    • Accounts Assistant: Anjali Poornima
    • Customer Relationship Manager: Ashanthi Rajasekara
    • CEO’s Secretary: Needra Wijeratne
    • Management Consultant: Azley Nazeem
    • Financial& Management Consultant: Namal Gomez
    • Laboratory Staff: Shanaka Perera, Krishanthi Botheju
    • Pharmacy Staff: Lasantha Pradeep, Anoma Pinnawala
    • Veterinary Handlers: Laxman Perera, Nirosha Padmini, Lakshini Nisansala, Sakurani Wijewardana
    • Front Office Employees: Ann Roshel, Maureen Jansen, Thaksala Niwanthi, Upendra Sanjeewani, Jude Anthony